Wellness Sessions

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30min Session

This is 30 minutes of pure relaxation which will feel like 3 hours of your best and deepest sleep. In this session, you will be comfortably lying down on the Vibrational Zero Gravity Chair while using the BT meditative headset. Gentle pulses of light and sound with soothing music will guide you into a meditative state.

Facts & Benefits 

  • Guiding you to meditative states
  • Reducing stress levels
  • Rid of negative self-talk
  • Accomplishing amazing manifestations
  •  Case study shows BT boosts regulatory systems of the body by 27.5% in just one session
  • 30 minutes of pure relaxation is equivalent to 3hours of deep sleep.


60min Session

Using a heart rate variability program we will be providing a full evaluation of your body’s daily energetic use which will allow us to determine your day to day energetic levels, sleep patterns, hormonal patterns, and brain frequencies. Coupled with one BT session and two 5min biofeedback scans before and after. This is the best package for a visual assessment of mind-body performance.

Facts & Benefits

  • Leaving with a clear sense of what your mind and body needs to reach optimal health
  • Subtle changes can be monitored in the central nervous system after the session
  • Functional state, cardiovascular, energy, emotional, biological and brain rhythms are extracted from an electro cardio signal
Body Rejuvenation


20min Sessions (Monthly Bundle)

Our non-invasive Red light therapy is FDA approved and lasts only 20 min per session. 12 sessions are included with a recommended 3 session per week for maximum results. Using this therapy allows for increased blood flow and reduced pain in specific areas of the body for regeneration and protection of deep muscle tissue.

Facts & Benefits

  • The most powerful LEDs in the market – clinical strength
  • Quickest treatment time of any LED light therapy pads
  • Operates at body temperature, unlike other products
  • Combination of red and infrared light for ideal penetration and efficacy
  • Weight loss reduced pain and increased blood flow


This monthly bundle, gives you a deep meditative relaxation experience, keeping you out of the fight or flight stimulation.

Option One



4 sessions per month

90 mins per session

1 session per week


Option Two



8 sessions per month

90 mins per session

2 sessions per week